Hello and Welcome to edaBarCamp!

Originating from our PhD meetings in a german research project, we gained the idea of:

  • an interactive open research meeting based on the barcamp-concept
  • for students, PhD’s, professors and experts from industry and
  • for everyone who is interested in electronic design automation, microelectronics and system design


We are happy to invite you to:

edaBarCamp -- Number 5 is alive!

'edaBarCamp -- Number 5 is alive' will be on 18th./19th. Februar 2020 at IBM Deutschland Research & Development, , Germany (Google Maps POI).

Suggested (non-exclusive) list of topics:

  • Continuous HW/SW Engineering
    'From the Model to the Chip'
  • AI for EDA, EDA for AI
    'Boost Design - Boost Learning'
  • Open Hardware
    'OpenPOWER, OpenCores, RISC-V'
  • and many more in microelectronics and EDA...

To present and discuss ideas and results of the ongoing scientific work, we invite researchers from the areas of electronic design automation (EDA), microelectronics and (embedded) systems design to our open barCamp event. Relaxing the formal event structures, the final agenda will be decided interactively by all participants on site. In the beginning we all propose our session-ideas with a two-to-three minutes session pitch. Based upon that we then decide together which sessions take place. During the sessions we interactively explain, discuss and jointly develop the topics, which include all around technologies, designs, software and methodologies for the design and verification of (micro-)electronic and embedded systems. Meeting and discussing on a par with each other everyone's individual interests and work can and will benefit from the others:


The edaBarCamp offers exactly this space to you!


So, get active, propose your topics, invite your partners and become an edaBarCamper!


We are looking forward to you and your participation!
Your edaBarCamp-Team