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 Start  :  05th July 2017, 10:00 a.m.
 End  : 06th July 2017, 15:30 p.m.



 Limit  :  max. 50 Participants
 Fee  :  30 € (Registration, Lunch, Coffee/Tea Flatrate and WLAN during the event, edaBarCamper Collector's-Shirt, )



edaBarCamper Collector's-Shirts will be ordered two weeks prior to the event.
Later registration and participation is possible, but there may be some transportation fee, if you want to receive your edaBarCamper Collector's-Shirt afterwards.

Language  : The official language of edaBarCamp is English.
Please be prepared for a session in English and prepare your proposals and session pitches in English! However, as a pragmatic concession, we don not 'force' the sessions themselves to be held in English, if there are only native German speakers.
Registration  : To register for the event, please follow the link to xing-events or use the xing-events plugin below! There is no need to have a Xing profile to register. Furhermore, you can select to register yourself or other participants during the registration process. The xing-events registration is necessary for participating!
Additionally, you can register for the website, e.g. to propose your session topics and to offer/request a ride sharing. This registration for the website is recommended but it is not necessary for participating!


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Accommodation: Cost: Web: Tel.: Distance:
Hotel Schönbuch ~ 100 € 07127 / 975-0 ~ 3,5 km
Hotel Klostermühle ~ 70 € 07127 / 8117-0 ~ 4,5 km
Hotel Germania ~ 80 € 07121 / 3190-0 ~ 5 km







Robert Bosch Zentrum für Leistungselektronik (rbz), Oferdinger Straße 50, 72768 Reutlingen, Germany (Google Maps POI).
For your travel planning see: and